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We think Lake Lincolndale is a special place and we are eager to share it with you. Lake Lincolndale's residents are a diverse group with a common interest: the lake. This common interest helps bring the community together, not just in lake issues, but also in community welfare issues.

The Lake Lincolndale Property Owners' Association (LLPOA) was formed in 1937 to serve homeowner families in Lake Lincolndale. At its core, the LLPOA is a social and recreational organization, but its responsibilities extend to making sure the community remains a pleasant and safe place to live. While we work to keep the lake clean and the surrounding grounds and clubhouse maintained, we also monitor road maintenance; keep an eye out for unsafe traffic conditions; watch for and remedy mischievous and illegal activity; and help neighbors who may find themselves in periods of difficulty. We watch out for one another.

The LLPOA maintains a beautiful beach with swimming under lifeguard supervision. Open from noon to 8 PM June though labor Day, the beach also features an outdoor playset for the kids. A newly resurfaced basketball court is available daily for members. The LLPOA hosts many events such as dances, luaus, and cornroasts throughout the year, and the clubhouse is available for rental, with two fully functiona kitchens, a large hall, and a downstairs lounge for renters' more intimate events. More social activity is provided by both a ladies' organization and a men's club, though neither group is exclusive to any gender. There is always something going on at the clubhouse.

Working with the county board of health, the state DEC, and the Federation of Lake Associations we have developed numerous programs for sampling and analyzing the water and surrounding watershed for chemical and biological pollution. In addition to keeping the water safe for swimming, we work hard to keep the lake free of weeds and algae without disturbing the ecological balance, and try to prevent pollutants from entering the lake by stopping them at their source. And we use natural means whenever possible. For example, controling weeds by stocking the lake with weed-eating carp fish.

LLPOA, est 1937

Photo: Melinda O'Keefe

Photo: Corinne Procopis


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