History of Lake Lincolndale

In the early 1930's developers built a dam creating our 20-acre lake and founding our original clubhouse. Between 1934 and 1936 the Lake Lincolndale community was built and the Lake LIncolndale Civic Association was established.

From 1937 to 1939 lots in the neighborhood became available through developers, advertised in the New York Post and Daily Mirror. One of the first homes in the neighborhood, referred to as Trailblazer, sits next to the clubhouse parking lot. It was also around this time that the Lake Lincolndale Civic Association changed its name to the Lake Lincolndale Property Owners' Association (LLPOA), and the Ladies Auxiliary came into being. Today the Ladies' group is still active with a membership of over 30 ladies.

From 1940 to 1945 the community progressively grew in strength, as the LLPOA members were instrumental in bringing about the repair of the roads and the paving of Lovell Street. In 1948-49 a day camp was established for the children in the neighborhood, because Lake Lincolndale was mainly a summer residence, and in 1950-51 an athletic field was purchased and the beach was widened.


The cornerstone was placed when the members enlarged the clubhouse. Through persistent efforts Lovell Street was widened and resurfaced.


The Ladies Auxiliary equipped a new kitchen upstairs in the clubhouse. A dumbwaiter was installed as well as new speakers for the social hall.


The Ladies Auxiliary purchased a new 10-burner stove and refrigerator for the downstairs kitchen, and serving wagons for the upstairs.


Residents began to live in the area on a year round basis.


Repairs were done on the dam.


Dues increased for the first time. A fund drive was held for the improvement of the lake and clubhouse.


A ceiling and a heating system were installed in the clubhouse.


Redecorating of clubhouse and general repair. Men's club was started and members helped decorate downstairs.


A reading group for children was started, which evolved into a nursery school.


A Teen Canteen was formed, however suspended due to a need for volunteers.


Bicentennial family picnic held. A Time capsule was buried.


A lake dredging project is begun to remove sediment from and deepen lake. many members volunteered and fund raising helped complete the project.

1980s- 2000

Somers Fire Distric installed dry hydrants at two locations at the lake.

Clubhouse painted and snack bar renovated.

Men's Club installed a horseshoe pit in the back yard.

Work on dam ongoing.

Family bar-B-ques in summer started.

New Oak flooring installed in clubhouse. Vertical blinds purchased by Ladies club.

Parking Lot paved, New septic system installed.

Beach area installed, Play gym constructed.


New lake-wide Vertex aeration system installed thanks to a grant from Toyota's Together Green environmental program, facilitated by Bedford Audobon Society.  


Clubhouse interior renovated including all new modern bathrooms.    

Lake Lincolndale in the 1930s
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