About the Lake Lincolndale Property Owners' Association (LLPOA)

The LLPOA is a New York corporation, established in 1937. It is governed by a parent board consisting of 15 directors.

Michael O'Keefe, Chairman of the Board

The executive committee consists of six officers:

Patricia Kelleher, President
Stephanie Geiger, Vice President
Kathy Fable, Treasurer
Patty Mulholland, Financial Secretary
Rebecca Wintle, Corresponding Secretary
Ina Lee, Recording Secretary

All business of the LLPOA is conducted by the President, who is the chief executive, and by a variety of committees whose chairpersons report directly to the President.

Officers' terms are 2 years. Elections are held each August.

The LLPOA board meets the second Wednesday of every month in the clubhouse, 11 Lakeshore Drive North, Lake Lincolndale, NY. at 8:00 PM.



Photo: Corinne Procopis

Photo: Corinne Procopis

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