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Dam Renovation Project Update

Most members of the LLPOA are aware of the dam project required by the NYS Department of Conservation. Because of erosion on the back of the dam, the DEC mandated that engineering and con- struction work be done to verify the flow of water and potential property damage in case of breaching; and rectify any existing structural defects. The LLPOA hired a civil engineer to analyze the dam and its flood plain, and to prepare a report to our Association and the DEC. In addition to this work, our engineer will determine whether our dam can be reclassified to a lower classification.

At this point, our dam is classified as a Class C, which is considered a very large dam. Our dam is not a Class C dam, and through our engineer’s analysis, this will be proven.

Our engineer completed most of the engineering work. The report to the LLPOA was very encouraging. We evaluated and defined Lake Lincolndale’s watershed. We determined the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF), and has created an initial map of the downstream flood plain. Through this initial model, we determined that only one downstream structure may be damaged. Further examination will determine the extent, if any, of this damage.

We also studied the historic design drawings of the dam, detailing the metal sheet piling within the dam structure, and the vertical control datum as related to the spillway. We also examined the dam visually. By way of this thorough evaluation, we have determined that the dam is structurally sound, and will not breach. If there is to be failure of the dam in the future, it would likely be due to “overtopping,” waters flowing over the top of the dam, and down the back slope of the earthen side.

It should be noted, however, that we recently replaced the dam valve. In the event of a catastrophic storm, the valve can be opened, and water can be drained to prevent overtopping. Our Lake Management Committee is in charge of making sure that the valve is maintained on a yearly basis.

We will complete the modeling phase in 2013. Once complete, the results will be summarized onto maps and presented, along with the findings and conclusions of our engineer, to the LLPOA board for their consideration. A conclusion regarding the hazard classification of the dam will also be presented. The board will then disseminate the information about the status of the dam.

Many members of the LLPOA, as well as non-members who live in Lake Lincolndale, have contributed generously to the Dam Repair Fund. The board would like to extend a hearty “THANK YOU” to all of these individuals.

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