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Dam Engineering Assessment and
Hazard Re-classification study Fundraising

Most members of the Lake Lincolndale Property Owners' Association (LLPOA) are aware of the dam compliance issues required by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). The Lake Lincolndale dam is out of compliance due to an overdue engineering assessment (EA) of the dam and related structures. The assessment is overdue mainly because of its high cost. An engineering assessment and hazard classification study will cost the LLPOA almost $40,000.

The dam is classified by the NYSDEC as a Class C (high hazard), and as such requires an engineering assessment every ten year. However based on preliminary engineering studies performed in 2006 the LLPOA believes the hazard classification is Class A (low hazard), or B (intermediate hazard) at worst. The NYSDEC has asked the LLPOA to prove this. If the hazard rating can be lowered the need to provide an EA every ten years will be eliminated. If LLPOA cannot meet NYSDEC compliance obligations there is a risk of having the lake drained and dam removed. Therefore it is imperative that an engineering firm is engaged to inspect the dam and create a certified assessment of structural soundness and mitigated risk of flooding should the dam fail.

The Lake Lincolndale community is responsible for raising the funds and contracting with a New York State certified engineering firm. To help raise the needed funds the LLPOA has been hosting social activities and events, such as our Comedy Night, and time is running out. The LLPOA is leading the project to raise the funds and hire the engineers. New York Interfaith Power & Light (NYIPL), under the direction of LLPOA Director Glenn Jacob, is lending their fundraising capacity to help raise these funds. Scan the QR code or click the link below to reach their Paypal donation site. Please lend a full measure of your support. The LLPOA Board of Directors is overwhelmed by your encouragement and financial gifts this past year, and hope your generosity this year will finish the project. 

With gratitude,
LLPOA Board of Directors


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